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This web-site is for people whose insurance was cancelled or declined for some reason!

Sometimes your insurance company just doesn't want to renew your existing policy, or they don't want to sell you a new policy.

Auto insurance may be cancelled due to multiple accidents, DUI, lapse of insurance of more than 30 days, unacceptable business operations etc.
Home insurance may be cancelled because of claims, unacceptable condition, if the house is under renovation, if it has flat roof, if customer has credit issues, or if the house is vacant.
Business policy may be cancelled due to numerous reasons such as change in underwriting guidelines, audit results, change in your business operations etc.

There could be many reasons, and we are here to help!


We also do Auto Tags & Notary. We are online, so you may get a Registration card and a Sticker in our office. We do:

  • title transfer
  • registration renewal
  • new issue registration
  • order duplicate title
  • order special plates
  • register Ambulance vehicles
  • register vehicles with salvage titles
  • register mopeds, motorcycles, trailers, motor homes.

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Phone (215) 355-5050 Fax (866) 352-9270



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